Get to know IDN Live online gambling

Get to know IDN Live online gambling

In writing this article once, we will guide you on how to play oglok games online on the Airtogel betting site.

For dice gambling lovers, you will certainly be familiar with hearing about the game of fun (or dice gambling games with animal images).

For registrants and novice players, this guide is felt to be useful for those who are still confused, do not know the type of game.

What game is online fun?

A little explanation about IDN Live fun, fun can be said to be similar to Sic Bo because of the use of three dice in the game,

The difference between the two games is the pictures on the dice where fun uses animal symbols and sic bo uses dots / numbers.

Both games are played in the same way, where the dice are placed in the container and then messed up to get the result in the game.

On the fun dice we can find animal symbols such as crab, shrimp, fish, chicken. The tumbling of the dice results in different or the same symbol,

To win in the game of banter, the player guesses and places bets on the table according to the desired symbol, if correct then wins Togel Singapore,

And the wrong guess loses. After the bookie makes a payment on the winning bet and quotes the losing bet from the table.

Then, the game continues on a new round with all the players guessing and placing new bets on the IDN Live online fun table.

Types of bets on IDN Live oglok games

The question then is how and what categories of bets can you place on this online booze gambling,

Among them are triplets (triple) bets, twins (double), random triplets, four-picture bets, two-picture and one-picture bets.

In the triplets bet, you can guess one of six possible pictures that will appear simultaneously on the dice.

If you guess the picture correctly and find triplets, you will win 180 times the amount of the bet previously placed.

The twins bet is more or less the same as the triplets bet above, here you only need to guess two,

If the guess is correct, you can win the bet with a payment of 8 times the amount we bet on the online fun games table.

Random triplets here are you guessing the combination of all the pictures that will appear from the chaos of the three dice,

If the guess is correct, we will find a payment of 30 times the amount of the bet previously placed, very interesting, isn’t it?

The bet on the next guess is four pictures on three fun dice, the correct guess will get a payout of 7 times.

Correct two image guesses get 5 times on payment, one correct image guess gets 1 payment. However, if

The fun dice will issue two, three equal paid pictures will be multiplied by two, three according to the number of pictures that appear in the chaos.